Wednesday, May 12, 2021


Hello friends I am kashif khan admin I am full time gamer and I love to talk about gaming and my aim is in Indian! gaming industry taking serious about us.

Pubg Mobile New State Pre-Registration Start

Hello gamer welcome your on khangmer.inI heard so much from PUBG Mobile Corporation that PUBG Mobile is working on a separate Battle Ground Game...

FAU-G Game Launch On 26 January 2021

Hello, Gamer Welcome to your Khangmer, last year on Akshay Kumar Sir announced a game in September and at the same time, PUBG Mobile...

Finally Sony Playstation 5 Launch in India In 2021

Hello Gamer, Welcome to your like Sony PlayStation 5 has been launched in most of the country on 12 November 2020, and in...

Epic Games Mystery Games list Leak

Hello Gamer, Welcome to your Khangmer as we know the mystery game is running at Epic Games Store for 15 days and as of...

Epic games Store 15 free games list Leak

Hello Gamer, Welcome to your From today, The Epic Games Store is going to give free games copy for 15 days and the...



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