Thursday, May 13, 2021


Hello friends I am kashif khan admin I am full time gamer and I love to talk about gaming and my aim is in Indian! gaming industry taking serious about us.

Gaming PC Under 85k With Benchmark

Gaming PC Under 85K Hello gamer welcome to khangamer, if you want to build a gaming computer under 85 Thousand, then we have selected...

Epic Games Store Holiday Sale 15 Days 15 Free Games

Hello Gamer, Welcome to your Epic Games Store Sale Today I am going to tell you a very good news a big discount...

Top 5 Online Gaming Site

Top 5 Online Gaming SiteHello Gamer, Welcome to your, And friends, you have to play a lot of games without installing them. Who...

Best Graphic Card Seller In Mumbai Lamington Road

And today we have brought such an offline shop for you, where you will get a graphic card or any part related to the...

Should You Buy RTX 3080 in India? Full Benchmark

Hello Gamer, Welcome to your, today we will talk about Nvidia RTX 3080 graphic card Should you Buy Nvidia RTX 3080 in India right now Today, by seeing this post,...



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