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Epic Games Mystery Games list Leak

Hello Gamer, Welcome to your Khangmer as we know the mystery game is running at Epic Games Store for 15 days and as of now, 2 games have been told which is the time to claim it is 24 hours.

A few days ago this list of epic games was leaked and when on December 14, Epic Games made 1 game of their mystery games available, then it was completely shocking that the game was available by Epic Games Store. YouTuber who did not even think to play the game said that he did not like the game but still can say that he likes the game, he will claim it.

So many Gamer are going to be angry with the epic game, this mystery games list of epic games has been leaked once again, in which it is also the name of 2 games, epic games have been made available, so if you see this list Out of this, I can say that from the list of these games, you will not hear the names of some of the games, many of them are not that famous, they will not even want to play any game if Epic Games will really give this game according to the list. Maybe as much as Epic had encouraged the gamers in the middle of the game, there could have been a chance to claim the game. Some gamers may be angry with Epic Games as well, whose Epic Games store has a free title sometimes and has given Gamer It was such that this time too, you will get to see a game that Gamer cannot purchase, no one has written the name of such a big title from this list, but we are also very sad to see this list. Is it that according to this list, the game has not come up or not, it will break my heart.

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This list has just been leaked, this list also turned out to be wrong because we have to watch some game on Jai Epic Games, which we are very much waiting for such as Red Dead Redemtion 2 or any other gum that the gum can really play.

Epic Games Mistery Games list Leak

Date Free Games
17/12/2020Cities : skyline
18/12/2020Oddworld : New n Tasty
19/12/2020The long dark
20/12/2020Defense grod 1
21/12/2020Alien : isolation
22/12/2020Metro 2033
23/12/2020Tropico 5
25/12/2020Darkest dungeon
26/12/2020My time is portia
27/12/2020Night in the woods
28/12/2020Stranded deep
30/12/2020Torchlight 2
31/12/2020Jurassic world evolution

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