Home Gaming News Epic Games Store Holiday Sale 15 Days 15 Free Games

Epic Games Store Holiday Sale 15 Days 15 Free Games

Epic Games Store Holiday Sale 15 Days 15 Free Games
Epic Games Store Holiday Sale 15 Days 15 Free Games

Hello Gamer, Welcome to your Khangamer.in Epic Games Store Sale Today I am going to tell you a very good news a big discount deal on Epic Games Store from 17 December 2020 and we will get 15 days free games every day And in such a situation it is known that some of it or maybe one of the games can be AAA titles.

And Epic Games Store has added one more thing to their news that now they will get 75% off from December 17 till the time this sale goes on Epic Games Store has always been considered by its unique idea He does not give any of his competitors a chance to put all these things behind them if the sale goes on steam And any game gives 500 rupees on Steam on sale, then at the same time Epic Games Store frees it.

Even in Start, Epic Games Store used to do the same when it started from Fortnite There is still a free game when Pubg PC was sold in India in 999 INR. And after that the Indian Gamer dream of doing 5 purchases, he was not able to purchase because of financial condition Epic Games Store provide Free GTA 5 for 7 days did that which made the entire Indian gamer very happy and then the same happened with Watch Dog 2. The Ubisoft had called on their live show so many people were ahead after taking the free copy that the site had crashed Then the second days games was free by Ubisoft foer a 2 days But such epic games store never does that watch dog 2 sida free in its store. Gamer had claimed his copy without any hassle to claim a free copy Indian Gamer loves Epic Games Store And right now there will be a gamer who does not know Epic Games Store Hope this 17 December 2020 Epic Games Store bring a lot of free copy For example, Assassin’s Creed Valhala or Watch Dog Legion or Cyberpunk 2077, will we see any 1 game in these.

If Indian gamers have to take advantage of this epic games store holiday sale, they must have a credit card This is what Epic Games Store needs to improve If he gives a wallet or UPI or debit or net banking like Steam, then many Indians can purchase their favorite copy in this Holidays Sele. Right now Epic Games Store is a middle class Indian gamer fulfilling the dream to play Original copy Other stores only come to make their own profits and Epic Games Store has a big hand in India to prevent piracy.

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