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Epic games Store 15 free games list Leak

Hello Gamer, Welcome to your From today, The Epic Games Store is going to give free games copy for 15 days and the list of the games has been leaked. Epic games Store 15 free games list Leak

These 15 Free Games of Epic Games This game is very good for those people, they do not purchase games and Epic Games Store has always taken such steps. Free games give us every week no matter the price of the game and talk about Red Dead Redemption 2. The game of Dead Redemption 2 has not been added to this free games list, but if the Epic Games store was free of Red Dead Redemption 2, then the publisher had to give a lot more cost to Rockstar Games, so this time we have Red Dead Redemption 2 will not get free but the rest of the game is also very good.

Epic Games Store had posted about their holiday sale a few days ago on their official site and it was said that you will get discounts on games only, but we brought 15 games for you for 15 days for free if you copy those games You have to do this, you have only 1 day to claim 1 game, then the second game will be available for free.

So someone has just leaked that 15 free games list of Epic Games Store and it is with date, which games will be available, it has been told that this games list has lots of titles and Epic Games Store is always available in any franchise game then When that developer or game company gives news of next game, then we got to see the time of the first GTA5 games too.

List of free 15 games epic games store for 15 days

Date Games Games
17/12/2020Dying Light
18/12/2020Resident evil 7
19/12/2020The Whicher 3
20/12/2020Mass Effect Andromeda
21/12/2020Assassins Creed Origins
22/12/2020Metel Gear Solid V
23/12/2020The Evil Within 2
24/15/2020Far Cry 5
25/12/2020Fallout 4
26/12/2020Borderlands 3
27/12/2020Monster Hunter Worlds
28/12/2020Dragon Age Inquisition
29/12/2020Horizon Zero Down
30/12/2020Ghost Recon Breakpoint
31/12/2020Hitman 2

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