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FAU-G Game Launch On 26 January 2021

Hello, Gamer Welcome to your Khangmer, last year on Akshay Kumar Sir announced a game in September and at the same time, PUBG Mobile India was Banned at the same time, Akshay Sir announced a new game. The Indian mobile game was about to be launched, just today the new trailer of the FAU-G game has been launched, there is a cinematic video, as well as the launch date, has been told that the game will be launched in Republic Day on 26 January 2021. FAU-G Game Launch On 26 January 2021

In September 2020, Akshay sir had said that FAU-G is about to be launched, since then the same question was when the game will be launched and the developer also said that the game will be launched in November, then it will be in December and in the trailer itself. It has been told that this game and trailer of FAU-G will be launched in 24 January, as it has been seen that its graphic is very good, but you will be like this graphic, do not think that this graphic you will get in this game but a little bit lighter graphic they use because it’s a mobile game. It is made from high computer, so and now let’s talk about the gameplay, we were told that this game will not have guns and without the guns the game will not be fun as we all know that this game is on Indian Army and Guns We have to stay in the trailer, we get to see AK 47 and there is a lot of Guns in the game. When this news was heard by Gamer, there will be no Guns in the games. Would have done and talked about the blood effect, there is no such effect in the whole reality, If the developers put a lot of blood effects, then parents it is possible to launch a complain against this game, by placing it in the right side, this effect is added to this game.

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