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Clash Of Clans | Best Game For Android

Clash Of Clans | Best Game For Android | Android games Free Android Games

Hello Friends Welcome to Today we are going to tell you about a very famous game called Clash Of Clans 

Clash of clans is the most played game all over world. Already 100 million times it has been downloaded. 

 Clash Of Clans | Best Game For Android

Game History 

It was first made only for IOS users in 2012, but at that time only few people were a iOS user. So then , Supercell (Developer of the game) made it available for android users too in 2013. & after that it became very popular & famous among top games

Very interesting thing about the game is that, we can play this game along with group of friends. There is no minimum limit of members in the group but maximum is 50. 

Graphics of the game is also quite good .

There’s also chat options available so that we can make new friends. & on that chat window we can chat with group friends while playing game. There’s also global chat window available in the game. Through this we can connect with other users of the game also. We can be friends with them & ask them to form a group & make clan more powerfull. 

If you have managed to get 10 memebers at least then then you can also charge a war. In that war, 2 teams will battle against each other & under 24 hours whichever team collects more number of star that team will declare as winning team. 

For playing this game, we need to form a army & according to town hall we have to upgrade each things. & for the upgradation we require gold, elixir & dark elixir. We will get this 3 elements by raiding other clans, you have to damage at least 50 percent or else you’ll lose your trophy. 

 Clash Of Clans | Best Game For Android

What Kind of things will be upgrade by Gold? 

With the help of gold you can upgrade elixir collect, elixir storage wall, town hall, mortar , canon, archer tower, wizard tower, trap, skeleton trap, clan, giant bomb, bomb & defence , air bomb, seeking air & hidden tesla & much more 

Clash Of Clans | Best Game For Android

What kind of things will be upgrade by Dark Elixir? 

We can get dark elixir by town hall 7, we have to get dark drill so that we can get dark elixir by time to time. 

We can make dark army troops such as minions, hog rider, Valkyrie, golem, witch, lava hunt & bowler. From dark elixir we can upgrade barbarian king & archer queen.we can also upgrade grand warden from dark elixir 

so friends this is a description of COC which is Clash Of Clans. 

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