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Gaming PC Under 85k With Benchmark

Gaming PC Under 85K Hello gamer welcome to khangamer, if you want to build a gaming computer under 85 Thousand, then we have selected some computer components for you and in this we have also given a benchmark of some games for you, so that you can help a lot You will get your new computer component, this game will not only give you 2K games, you can also play at 4K.

We have selected the price of each component online like Amazon and MD on computers.

Intel® Core™ i5-10400 Processor RS 15,250

Gaming PC Under 85K

Talk about the first component of the component, we have selected Intel i5 10400 in this processor, we get to see 6 Core 12 threat Talk to AMD Ryzen processor is very Expensive sold in the market right now and this Intel processor is absolutely value for Money that’s why we select this Processor and this processor capable for gaming and Streaming Price

GIGABYTE B450 AORUS PRO WiFi Motherboard RS 11709

Gaming PC Under 85K

We have selected the GIGABYTE B450 AORUS PRO WiFi Motherboard, we have tried to make our computer a bit of RGB, if you want you can go with any other B 450, it has an inbuilt WIFI and it has only the logo of the company in the name of RGB but it Motherboard can give a good look on our computer

Corsair 16 GB Vengeance RS 4790

Gaming PC Under 85K

If we talk about RAM, then we look at our budget, we have selected non RGB Corsair company RAM, this RAM is 3000 MHz but you will not see any problem in performance.

Zotac RTX 3060 Ti Twin 42,349

Gaming PC Under 85K

Graphic card is very important in our build, it is Main part of the computer, how we will get to play the game further. We have selected the new card Zotac RTX 3060TI. This card is full of 4K gaming Capable and this card is the last Year RTX 2080 Super has a very smooth beat or a very close competition.

Click here to know all the Details about RTX 3060Ti

Antec VP550P Plus 550 Watt 80 Plus Non-Modular Gaming Power Supply RS 3,330

Gaming PC Under 85K

Power supply is a part that a lot of people ignore while building their computers, but to be honest, this part also comes from an important component if you have good power supply, then you have more problems on your computer in the future. Will not be seen but you skimp on it a little bit, it may burn your motheboard or processor or graphic and Rutux RTX 3060TI this card is a little power Hungarian so we have selected 550 watts

Seagate BarraCuda 1 TB Internal Hard Drive HDD Rs 3249

Gaming PC Under 85K

If you want to play the game and you have a habit of installing a lot of games in your system and you might grieve for a movie and you might like to make a collection by making a movie, then you can get your recording Hard disk You can select the size, but we have selected 1 TB, it is useful only for storage and for the system, we have selected a separate SSD. If you create a system on the hard disk instead of SSD, then your computer Speed ​​can be slow, so we tell you that you should do a separate SSD purchase

WD Green m.2 SSD, 550MB/s R, 3 Y Warranty, 240GB RS 2524

Gaming PC Under 85K

Like I mentioned above, SSD is very important for our system, you have to take it, it is a good thing to talk about first, before SSD people did not do it and first did not come with such a powerful computer, but now the time has changed everyone is super Wanting a fast computer is one thing that can get your system working very quickly.

DEEPCOOL MATREXX 55 MESH ADD-RGB 4F Mid Tower Gaming Cabinet Rs 5697

Gaming PC Under 85K

Next component is the cabinet. We need a little RGB look. We have selected this cabinet in our setup and it is a good air system of the cabinet so that your parts will not heat up and there is a lot of special management of cable management and this cabinet is very special. I look good on the look

According to your budget, you can select any cooler that can cool your computer and go with any brand. I have not selected any cooler here yet, but you have to choose which component will be as cold as possible. Good will get your experience of the system

This is the benchmark of this component, here we have told you its FPS according to the 2K setting, but this system can also be used for 4K gaming.

Battlefield 5116 FPS
Shadow of the Tomb Raider96 FPS
Assassin’s Creed ODYSSEY67 FPS
FAR Cry 5130 FPS
Valorant294 FPS
GTA 5132 FPS
Watch Dog Legion88 FPS
Ghostrunner144 FPS
Horizon Zero Dawn108 FPS
Death Stranding115 FPS

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