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Pubg Mobile New State Pre-Registration Start

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I heard so much from PUBG Mobile Corporation that PUBG Mobile is working on a separate Battle Ground Game But that game will be based on year 2050 And just yesterday, it was heard that Next Week PUBG Mobile will launch its new Era Game Or it will listen to something related But today, a video of 1.30 min was uploaded on the official YouTube of PUBG Mobile When you watch the game, you will notice that the graphic of the game is very advanced. And Weapon also sees some advance in this Has completely redesigned the game And we will also see the car, just as we see an electric car, we have found a car of that design. when we see the video we also got to see the normal car And the lots of Staff is all redesigned from frag grenade to heath kit And talk about Map there are we se only one map in this time but i am sure Pubg mobile will definitely Update his New Map when the Time they want to release just like Pubg Mobile Pre-registration has also started, if you want to play, can you register this game In India? Pubg Mobile New State Pre-Registration Start

Will PUBG Mobile 2 / PUBG Mobile Launch New State in India

We all are know that the Pubg Mobile has banned in India And it was about Tencent Gaming Now Tencent has not developed this game This game is made by Korean company Krafton Which comes to the Pubg Corporation And together it now appears that no Chinese company has made PUBG Mobile now. Even then, the Indian government has not given permission to this game itself. As soon as you write on google plays tore “Pubg Mobile New State” So it comes that this application does not support our country I hope that our government gives permission to this game soon Because there are so many people who still play PUBG mobile i don’t know it’s Legal or not but still they are played Some time before news came that someone filed the ITR when will the PUBG Mobile be unbanned So the ministry replay came that you can play this game And it is not illegal to play this game So hope that soon we will get to play the new Pubg Mobile state of New Era in India.

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